is a web portal featuring the latest shopping and dining promotions across UAE. The website aims to make life easier for shoppers by providing ‘promotions on demand’ hence save time from combing newspaper or radio ads on what’s the latest and where the best deals are.

Apart from promotions the site features information on new arrivals and releases, events and just opened outlets. The portal strives to ensure that by visiting the website you will never miss a good deal in UAE whether you are a resident or a Tourist. does not charge merchants for publishing their promotions and hence the content featured on the website will be impartial and unbiased. In addition to this, the site also features a neutral forum for consumers to post their opinion on various promotions to deter unscrupulous traders from offering deceptive promotional offers thus fulfilling the goal of `Customer empowerment'

Visitors to currently cannot shop online as the site only features information on various promotions offered by various merchants and provides information on where it is available and how to avail it. If print and audio-visual media advertising were the key channels to reach consumers in the last era, is the pioneer in the new era of interactive and on- demand media. makes traditional media irrelevant by its unique features. Following are the key advantages for business owners:-

  • Wider reach than newspapers and other traditional Medias.
  • Interactivity and convenience
  • Inexpensive and affordable to all
  • Non-intruding and consumer on demand content
  • Reach to a targeted socio economic profiled consumers
  • Longer life campaigns i.e. Live until the end of the promotion

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